Top 5 Bigjigs Educational Toys

  • Date: May 11, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Bigjigs Educational Design

Due to their educational background (Bigjigs was founded by two teachers), learning through play is at the forefront of their design and they are one of the best educational toy specialists there are. Each one of the Bigjigs Educational Toys are purposefully designed to encourage skills and are very accurately graded by age guidelines. Learning through play is right at the core of all their toys. From music to number recognition, to fine motor skills and cause and effect the toys will bring out specific skills and encourage children to explore and learn.

All of their toys are painted with child friendly non toxic paints as they know toys go in mouths! 

Here we focus on their top educational toys for all ages. These toys come to under £100 and it means you have 5 fantastic learning toys in your house to help your child learn through play.

Bigjigs Triangular Activity Center (12m+)

Bigjigs Triangular Activity Center

This is a great toy for younger children. A lot of education toys focus on much older children, but this one is great to help toddlers learn the basics. There is so much on it for little children to learn and it covers all aspects of learning. There are three sides to this activity center and each site is crammed full of activities which are full of learning through play. We, and many parents, love the fact there are no detachable pieces which means no constantly looking for the missing parts!

It includes a chalkboard, counting activities, animal matching, abacus, letter blocks and picture blocks. This will grow with your child, suitable from 12 months as they get older they will be able to complete the more advanced activities.

Bigjigs Rainmaker (12m+)

You might not instantly recognise this gorgeous little toy as educational but as this toy recreates the sound of rain falling, the sounds and visual effects teach basic skills like cause and effect. Instruments are fantastic learning toys and sensory development toys.

Bigjigs Learn to Count (2y+)

Moving onto ideal learning toys for toddlers we love this stack & count, as it features so much. From colour coding, to spatial awareness, counting, number recognition this toy has won number educational toys awards! It’s a great, fun, introduction to basic math skills and counting skills. Match the numbered squares with dots to the base, count the discs, sort them in colours and learn to place on their individual pegs. Great for dexterity, concentration and basic counting.

Bigjigs Abacus (3y+)

Bigjigs Abacus

An abacus is a really traditional educational toy and the history of Abacus goes back a long time. 10 rows featuring 10 brightly coloured counting beads. For children aged 3 and over, these really help with basic counting skills for a younger child, and much more advanced maths for older children.

Along with counting, this also helps with dexterity and concentration.

Bigjigs Magnetic Weatherboard (3y+)

So much is crammed into this gorgeous weather board, from days of week, months, seasons, weather, dates, calendar, clocks & activities.Children love moving the day, month, weather along. Teaching time is critical but this also helps communication as children describe the weather. Made with 73 magnetic pieces this gives a daily activity for each child to do.

Top 5 Bigjigs Role Play Toys

Role play or pretend play toys can spark hours of imaginative play and are vital skills for children to learn. Big jigs Role play toys encourage creativity and imagination, communication and social skills. Pretend play helps children naturally develop socially and emotionally, it improves children’s communication and language skills, it helps develop critical thinking and can support physical development.

Here we focus on their top role toys for all ages. These toys come to under £100 and it means you have 5 fantastic pretend play toys in your house to help your child learn through play.

Bigjigs Play Kitchen 

Bigjigs Play Kitchen

Play kitchens are a fantastic starting toy in role play toys. I think they work better than doll houses and farm sets for younger children, because they see food being made on a daily basis, they eat food so it’s a very simple concept for them to start using pretend food.

In our toy shop, the wooden kitchens we have set up are a magnet for children of all ages, they literally spend hours there making all sorts of food concoctions.

I love the way a very shy child, within 10 minutes of playing with our kitchens will offer me some pretend play food to eat. The social, emotional and communication skills of a toy kitchen probably makes it one of my most recommended toys. This one comes with a chalkboard which is fantastic to play cafes and help children with basic writing skills as they get older.

Bigjigs Table Top Theatre 

Bigjigs Table Top Theatre 

The beauty about this theatre is its size and value for money. If you don’t have a lot of space this is a fantastic role play toy which will fit anywhere.

Toy theatres really help children retell stories in their own words, create new stores and role play different scenarios. It creates brilliant speaking, listening and communication opportunities.

 Often children find it hard to talk directly about their emotions, but creating a story and doing it through a character will help them to express how they are feeling. You can use with the bigjigs finger puppets or create your own with your child.

Bigjigs Play Farm

This is a fantastic budget busting farm set which includes buildings, a farm family, a tractor, a windmill (we love a nod to sustainable electricity), and of course farm animals. For the price you get a LOT of farm and we really love the unusual windmill on it, which you just don’t get in many farms. Farm toys make fantastic pretend play toys because they help with learning animals, making animal noises, they teach children how to look after animals, and give fantastic role play adventures. Every family should have a farm set.

Bigjigs Red Tool Belt

We love to play with construction toys and this tool belt is a fantastic version of the traditional workbench. Again, ideal if you don’t have the space to build a big workbench and this can be an ideal travel toy to take on days out, there is always plenty of DIY to do. Tool belts and work benches allow children to discover the joys of fixing, great for creativity and fabulous for fine motor skill development. These are all sized perfectly for little hands to fix.. Everything! On a sustainable note, it’s great to teach children to fix. Mending everything is a great way to teach about sustainability.  

Bigjigs City Fire Engine

Bigjigs City Fire Engine

Nee naw, nee naw. Fire engines always seem to hold a special place in every young child’s imagination and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Coming with a lift and swivel ladder, it’s ideal for rescuing cats!