Tender Leaf Toys

  • Date: May 10, 2022
  • Time to read: 12 min.

Getting to Know Tenderleaf Toys

Tender leaf Toys produce amazing wooden toys that are beloved by both parents and children. These toys are designed to be fun and educational. Playing with these toys allows children to learn how to count, how to recognise colours and engage in fun pretend play alone or with friends.

If your child loves to role play, this is the toy brand that you should be looking at.

They have been around for many years and have continuously provided simple yet fun play wooden toys. Tender leaf toys feature a wide range of styles and designs.

Some of their wooden toys feature minimalist designs while others are quirky and whimsical. There is definitely a Tenderleaf toy for every kid.


All Tenderleaf toys are beautifully designed by Danielle. You may not personally know her but if you have been working in the toy industry, you have probably heard about her a couple of times. Danielle is a respected and award-winning toy designer. Her toy designs have earned her various awards in the toy industry.

Tender leaf love creating exciting worlds filled with imaginative wooden toys and they take pride in their adorable and contemporary toy designs. They continue to develop new designs to appeal to modern consumers and make their toys as lovable and playable as can be.

They make sure that each Tenderleaf toy offers so much in the way of entertainment and educational value. Children can easily learn new things when they are having fun. Playing with toys that are fun not only entertains children but also helps them improve and develop their skills.

Tenderleaf designs their toys in a way that combines both function and form through beautiful illustrious and colours while keeping in mind the children that will be playing with their toys.

They paint their toys in bright colours because children are easily drawn into colourful objects and toys. Additionally, their toys feature a friendlier style than other appeals to most children.


When you buy a Tenderleaf toy, you will have peace of mind knowing that the toy that you just bought is 100% safe. Tender leaf wants children to play with fun toys without compromising quality and safety. Their toys are painted with non-toxic paint and go through numerous safety checks to ensure that their toys are 100% safe. All their toys conform to international safety standards on kids’ toys.

Ethical and environment-friendly

Most Tenderleaf toys are made from a partnered toy factories in Indonesia. Tender leaf spends weeks to months at the factory to make sure that everything including the production process is according to the company’s guidelines and principles.

Each lumber that is used to make their lovely toys is being responsibly sourced and replaced with a new plant. Doing so, ensures that their primary resource, rubberwood, remains sustainable and renewable.

From raw materials like rubberwood to the finished wooden toy, every single part of the production process happens under one roof. Tender leaf and their partners make sure that all workers are paid a living wage and that all materials used in making their amazing toys are ethically sourced.

Should You Buy Tenderleaf Toys?

Yes, definitely! Tenderleaf toys are totally worth it. They are one of the most popular toy brands, known for the selection of high quality wooden toys. Children love playing Tenderleaf Toys because these toys are simple and fun. Parents love buying these toys for their kids because they are good for early learning and development.

Reasons to buy Tenderleaf Toys

  • Eco-friendly and safe
  • Good for early development
  • Huge selection and range

Eco-friendly and safe

As parents, we want our children to play with the safest toys available. You really can’t price on safety and choosing age-appropriate toys is the right decision to make. While we are often tempted to buy fancy-looking toys, they are not always the safest around.

But when you buy Tenderleaf toys, you are guaranteed to have a peace of mind knowing that you are buying some of the safest toys. All Tenderleaf toys are finished with non-toxic paint and undergo rigorous quality checks to make sure that every toy conforms to European and international safety standards on kids toys.

From conceptualisation to finishing touches, the entire manufacturing process is done in-houseTenderleaf toys are made from sustainable reclaimed rubber wood which is a by-product of the latex industry. For each rubber tree that is cut down to be made into Tenderleaf toys, a new tree is being planted.

Buying wooden toys like Tenderleaf toys is a good way of setting your children on a path of sustainability. Sure, some plastic toys are more widely available and at times cheaper than wooden toys but if you think about the environmental implications of plastics then you would have to think twice before buying any plastic toy.

Good for early development

Toys should not only be fun to play with but also good for early learning and development. This is the core design philosophy of Tenderleaf toys and each of their toys reflects this. Interestingly, their toys are simple but offer enormous developmental value.

Children have the freedom to play whatever they want, however they want. They are not bound to a single play style or rule. This is particularly good for sparking a child’s imagination and creativity.

Children that make good use of their imagination and creativity develop solid problem-solving skills. Good problem-solving skills help children navigate everyday life and help them face challenges and problems.

Additionally, most Tenderleaf toys come in bright colours. You can use these toys to teach your children about colours and help them with their colour recognition skills.

Huge selection and range

For their price, Tenderleaf toys are worth every penny. Furthermore, they have a wide selection of high-quality toys. Whether your child loves to role play as a farmer or wants simple puzzles, there is a toy for every child.

Tender leaf has toys for every type of play. If your child loves animals, you can start a wooden animal collection. They also have a wide range of role-play toys for budding chefs, children that love dolls and wannabe farmer’s market vendors.

Top 5 Tenderleaf Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are inherent explorers and they learn through play and exploring. Play and exploration give children the opportunity to learn and develop new skills at their own pace without having to worry about anything.

They can pursue their interests through play and discover new things along the way. The toys that your children play with have an important role in their development. Toys like Tenderleaf Toys are designed with toddlers’ development in mind.

There are many things to look out for and consider when buying toys for toddlers. The toy should be age-appropriate meaning it should not have too many detachable parts that are potential choking hazards. Furthermore, that toy should be able to maximise your child’s early learning potential.

This means that a toy that does way too much will not help your toddlers learn things on their own because the toy already does it for them. Tender leaf toys check all these boxes and that’s why we highly recommended them.

So here’s our top Tenderleaf toys for toddlers:

Tender leaf Toys Pet Dog Set

It is important to teach toddlers how to take care of pets and show respect and compassion towards animals. And what better way to teach them these lessons than buying a toy that you can use as a teaching tool.

Tender leaf Toys Pet Dog Set is the perfect toy for this. The set includes a charming basset hound dog, a dog bowl, a bone and a kennel. All toy pieces included in the set are made from responsibly sourced renewable rubberwood.

Have peace of mind knowing that these toys are chemical-free and 100% safe. Perfect complementary pieces of your toddler’s dollhouse as well.

Tender leaf Toys Rainbow Birthday Cake

Tender leaf Toys Rainbow Birthday Cake

This adorable Tenderleaf Toys Rainbow Birthday Cake set comes with 6 slices of rainbow coloured cake topped with 6 brightly coloured birthday candles and a lovely cake knife.

Each slice of cake is held together by velcro and cut the cake open using the lovely cake knife to reveal the colourful interior.

Perfect toy for imaginative play. Your toddler can pretend that it’s his birthday every day and he can even get to invite his friends over and share his birthday cake with them. This is a wonderful way to socialise and develop communication skills through interacting with others.

Tender leaf Toys Ice Lolly Shop

Your toddler can open her own lolly shop with the Tenderleaf Toys Ice Lolly Shop set. This wonderful set comes with 6 amazing lollies painted in scrumptious colours. Each lolly is removable and made from solid rubberwood.

Additionally, each stick has a sweet message printed on it and your toddler can mix and match these messages with lollies.

Tender leaf Toys Sunny Doll Family

Tender leaf Toys Sunny Doll Family comes in a set of 4 brightly coloured wooden dolls. The Sunny Doll family consists of Dad, Mum, Boy and a Girl.

Each doll is handcrafted from solid sustainable rubberwood and painted with non-toxic paint. This happy family set is a perfect addition to your toddler’s doll collection.

Tenderleaf Toys Stacking Farmyard

Tenderleaf Toys Stacking Farmyard

Tender leaf Toys Stacking Farmyard is a good playset to encourage toddlers to engage in imaginative play and try their hand in stacking toys. Stacking toys are good toys for developing memory, problem-solving skills and analytical thinking.

This set comes with 10 of the most popular farmyard animals, a hay bale, a wheelbarrow and a drawstring bag that feature a barn.

Top 5 Tenderleaf Role Play Toys

Role playing is an important part of a child’s early learning and development. Through role playing, children are able to see things in different angles and perspectives. It also allows them to play roles based on their experience.

Role playing also provides a risk-free environment for children to experiment and explore new ideas. As parents, you can maximise your child’s learning and development potential by buying toys that are designed for role playing. A good example of these toys is Tenderleaf Toys.

Tenderleaf Toys is a popular brand of wooden toys. Their toys are designed for curious minds and facilitate learning in so many ways. Little children can learn about themselves and the world around them as they play with these toys. Additionally, these toys allow children to think for themselves and decide how to play them. They are not bound to any rules much like imagination is limitless.

Buying the right role playing toys is just as important as encouraging your children to engage in fun and educational imaginative play. So here’s our list of the best role play toys from popular toy brand Tenderleaf Toys.

Tenderleaf Toys Wooden Animals

Tenderleaf Toys Wooden Animals

Tenderleaf Toys has a wide range of wooden animal toys that are perfect additions to your wooden animal collection. These toys come in bright colours which are guaranteed to catch your child’s attention.

From farm animals like pigs to extinct ones like dinosaurs, there is a Tenderleaf Toys wooden animal for every child.

You and your child can start your own wooden animal collection and Tenderleaf Toys wooden animals are the perfect toys to start. Ask your child what his favourite animals are and start from there.

For instance, if your child loves farmyard animals you can collect animals that usually live in a farmyard like cows, horses, donkeys, pigs and many more.

Tenderleaf Toys Knight And Dragon Tales

Tenderleaf Toys Knight And Dragon Tales

Children love fantasy stories because it is widely represented in different forms of media. So it should not come as a surprise if your child loves to role play as a prince or a knight on horseback.

If your little boy wants to pretend that he is a knight in shining armour, then Tenderleaf Toys Knight And Dragon Tales set is the perfect toy for him.

This play set comes with a knight on horseback, a princess, a dragon and a castle’s main gate. You can encourage your child to retell his favourite fantasy tales while using this playset as props.

Tenderleaf Toys Mr Goodwood And His Dog

Meet the wonderful Mr Goodwood and his adorable little dog. Mr Goodwood is wearing a scarf and a cozy knitted sweater while walking his dog on a sunny day. He can stand and has bendable legs.

Mr Goodwood and his dog are made from responsibly sourced materials and finished with non-toxic paint. Your child can have a fun pretend play with his friends with Mr Goodwood and his dog.

Tenderleaf Toys Veggie Crate

Tenderleaf Toys Veggie Crate is the perfect playset for budding chefs and market stall owners. Your little one can either pretend to be a chef cooking a delicious dish using healthy veggies as ingredients or a vendor at a farmer’s market selling her own produce.

The playset includes healthy veggies like pumpkin, mushroom, turnip, chili pepper, avocado and leek. All these little toy pieces come inside a green gingham fabric crate.

Tenderleaf Toys Mini Chef Chopping Board

If your child loves to pretend to play as a chef, this is the perfect playset for her. Tenderleaf Toys Mini Chef Chopping Board comes with a cute chopping board, a wooden knife, a tomato in halves, an onion in 4 parts, a leek in 3 parts, beetroot in halves and a carrot in 3 parts.

How to Clean Your Tenderleaf Toys

We definitely love wooden toys and we highly recommend Tenderleaf Toys. They are one of the best wooden toy brands on the market and they make such lovely toys. Their toys are a thing of beauty. Not only are their toys simple and fun to play, they are also good for early development and learning.

It will not come as a surprise if Tenderleaf toys become your child’s favourite toys. Your child would definitely play with these toys every day and after a few play sessions, these toys would have collected enough dirt and grime.

Cleaning your child’s Tenderleaf toys is important. Doing so, will keep them safe and away from harmful germs and bacteria especially if your little one has developed a nasty habit of putting things into his mouth. You do not want your child to be playing with toys covered in dirt and germs.

Make sure to read the care instructions that came with your Tenderleaf toy. Follow the instructions and heed warnings.

How often should you clean your child’s Tenderleaf Toys

Many experts suggest cleaning toys regularly. Weekly cleaning has been often recommended. But as soon as you notice that your child’s toys are dirty, clean them right away.

Never soak or submerge

One thing you need to remember if you are cleaning Tenderleaf toys or any wooden toy for that matter is that wood is porous. What does this mean? It means that wood absorbs moisture and soaks up water.

It would be extremely difficult to dry a wooden toy that has already absorbed huge amounts of water. Remember, mould and bacteria thrive in moist environments. Not only that, you would most likely end up warped or deformed toy.

Choose the right cleaning solution

Wood has natural antibacterial properties which means you really do not need strong cleaning products when cleaning Tenderleaf toys. Keep it natural as much as possible. Choose a mild cleaning soap or a natural one like Castille.

Castille soap is vegetable based soap made from natural ingredients which is surprisingly versatile.

Baking soda and white vinegar or apple cider work well too. Use baking soda or sodium bicarbonate if you want to remove tough stains and white vinegar or apple cider when sanitising.

Use a spray bottle

Prepare your preferred cleaning solution in a spray bottle. Why spray bottle? Using a spray bottle helps you control the amount of liquid cleaning solution that goes into your Tenderleaf toy.

This is particularly helpful for you not to end up drenching your precious Tenderleaf toy in liquid cleaning solution.

Spray your Tenderleaf toy with the cleaning solution from your spray bottle. Wipe using a clean damp cloth. Scrub with a sponge or soft bristle cleaning brush to remove any obvious dirt and grime.

Make sure to only scrub lightly to avoid removing any paint. Remove excess cleaning solution by wiping your Tenderleaf toy with a dry cloth.

Dry overnight or under the sun. When sun drying, do not leave your Tenderleaf toy for a long period of hours otherwise the paint will start to peel off.