Soap Bars FAQ

  • Date: May 13, 2022
  • Time to read: 6 min.

Soap bars are a great way to get that fresh clean feeling, especially when it’s cruelty-free vegan bar soap. They come in many different shapes, sizes and colours. Whether you want a bar of soap for the whole family or just one for yourself, there is something out there for everyone! We stock a wide range of cruelty-free natural soap bars which contain the finest organic natural oils and of course are plastic-free. If you are not sure of your skin type then just go for a plain soap bar initially.

Is body soap cheaper than body wash?

Body soap is cheaper than body wash. Body washes can be expensive and they often don’t last as long as natural soap bars do. Natural handmade soaps are also a great way to get that fresh clean feeling! Natural soap bars can be used all over the body, in the shower & as a bath soap, also they are plastic-free, unlike body wash which comes in single-use plastic packaging.

Are soap bars full of bacteria?

One thing that many people are concerned about with soap bars is the bacteria that is on them. However, studies have shown that soap bars are not full of bacteria. It’s important to note that when you buy soap bars from a store, it is good to make sure they contain antibacterial agents as this will help to protect you from bacteria. If you ensure your soap bar is kept dry by using a soap bar dish that allows air to circulate, there will be no soap ‘slime’ which is prone to getting bacteria. When choosing a soap holder as part of your bathroom accessories, look for one that allows air to easily circulate and these will let your natural soap bars last much longer.

Are soap bars any good?

Are soap bars any good?

Are natural soaps are any good? As you can see from the above information, a soap bar is a great way to get that fresh clean feeling without breaking the bank.

A soap bar is also more eco-friendly than body wash, full of natural oils which naturally hydrate and cleanse your skin.

Is a soap bar dish necessary?

A soap bar dish is not necessary, but it can come in handy for people who like to have their soaps out and available at all times. They also allow natural soaps to dry which make them last a long longer. You can alternatively use a soap bag as your soap holder.

Do soap bars work as well?

Do soap bars work as well?

Soap bars are just as effective at cleaning you and your family, they’re cheaper than body washes with a lot of the same benefits!

If you use bar soap or liquid soap for handwashing, then make sure that there are some antibacterial agents in them.

Pure soap bars are a great way to get that fresh clean feeling without breaking the bank! They also have many benefits: they’re less expensive than body washes, more eco-friendly and just as effective at cleaning you and your family. You don’t have to go for handmade artisan soaps you can get a natural vegan soap bar which is below £4 a bar, and these make a superb eco-friendly gift!

The problem with mass-produced soap bars

The problem with most soaps is that they are not eco-friendly. They contain palm oil, which is the leading cause of deforestation in South East Asia. One of the best ways to be kinder to yourself and our planet is by using an organic soap bar that does not contain palm oil or only contains certified sustainable palm oil. They are also usually enveloped in plastic packaging, which defeats the purpose of going back to soap bars!

Switching from an ordinary soap bar to a natural one can help reduce your carbon footprint and save you money at the same time!

Why Organic Soap Bars are Better for You

Why Organic Soap Bars are Better for You

The problem with traditional soaps is that they are made of synthetic chemicals, which can be harmful to your skin. They contain parfum which can irritate your skin, especially if it is sensitive. 

Many people have switched to organic soap bars and many more should follow suit! The good news is that there are many great reasons why you should make the switch!

Organic soaps smell amazing and they leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Not only do they smell better than traditional soaps, but they also don’t contain any harmful chemicals or additives. 

Organic soap bars are a great alternative to synthetic store bought brands. They also smell better than conventional soaps and often come in interesting shapes like stars or hearts.

Our cold-pressed organic soap bars are made with only natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and essential oils from plants and herbs grown naturally. Each bar of handmade soap is crafted using traditional methods, which means they take longer to make but should last for a much longer time as well.

Are you ready to get clean without all the bad stuff?

Soap bars are a great way to wash your skin naturally and without any chemicals. They have been around for centuries, but in recent years they’ve become more popular because people want to go zero waste. Soap bars offer an easy alternative when it comes to products that are good for sensitive skin and those who suffer from allergies or skin conditions such as eczema. Soap bars can be made from many ingredients including coconut oil, olive oil soap, goats milk, shea butter, castor oil or even pure beeswax! These soaps can be used on both the face and body – no need for separate cleansers anymore!

Soaps can be a body soap, a hand soap, or even a shampoo! You can make one bar that will do it all. Most commercial soaps are palm oil soap bars, which can contain any amount of parfum and other sensitive skin triggers. We recommend a natural soap bar with pure organic ingredients which can be used as a gentle cleansing bar. Most of the soaps we stock are handmade vegan and are perfect for most skin types.

Handmade soap bars are also great for beauty gifts, when paired with a pretty ribbon and bow they will be something that your friends and family are sure to keep on their bathroom counter for years to come. Soap gifts, especially handmade natural soap, is a great budget-friendly gift with most soaps being under £5. I mean it’s that or toilet roll or dental floss and I know which bathroom gift I would prefer! Combine with some eye creams or anything from our range of natural cruelty-free vegan-friendly pamperings like bath bombs or natural handmade body wash.

Regular hand-washing has become extremely vital in recent times as the humble bar of soap has taken centre stage in our fight against viral infections. You don’t necessarily need antibacterial soap any little soap with tea tree works well. Our natural organic hand soap is made with essential oils and natural ingredients and most are made using the cold process method.

Facial cleansers

Most people never think of using soap as a beauty bar or even using cleansing soap bars. A cream bar is much better than liquid soap, and salicylic acid soap bars are great for treating acne. Our organic bars are the best soap for sensitive skin whilst any soap with coconut oil is a fabulous moisturiser.

We love the rose geranium soap from Janni, it makes a perfect bath soap and is pure heaven when combined with a rose bath bomb.

Most of our bars are vegan soaps however we do stock some goats milk soap and some with beeswax in. If you are looking for vegan-only soap then check our vegan soaps category.

If you are looking for a shampoo bar or conditioner bar then we have special categories just for those as well.

Most of our soaps bar packs are single bars, but we can do a twin pack or a special soap pack just for you! Just choose our mystery soap pack and we do specialised gift soap hampers which can also include eco-friendly dish soap. Most of our soap bars are 100g but some are 125g. You don’t need to be an eco warrior to love a handmade soap company, just someone who loves a little bit of eco friendly luxury!