How does Rolleat Boc N Roll work

  • Date: May 11, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Rolleat Boc N Roll food wraps

Boc N Roll offers the perfect alternative to plastic wrap and sandwich bags for lunch boxes, picnic and eating on the go. These compact food wraps are machine washable and have an easy to use velcro closure making them adaptable to all different shapes and sizes.

Boc N Roll wraps are made with a layer of fabric on the outside that comes in lots of great colours and funky designs, and an inner layer of Polyurethane Thermoplastic TPU that is food safe and easy to wipe clean between uses.

How to use Rolleat Boc N Roll

How to use Rolleat Boc N Roll

As with so many of the amazing environmentally friendly swaps we have found, using a food wrap is in many ways easier than using cling film.

There’s no losing the end for a start, no risk of slicing your finger on the cutting edge and it doesn’t cling to itself and end up in a ball before you’ve even started.

All you have to do is lay it out flat with the fabric layer facing down. Place your falafel wrap, bacon sandwich, cheese baguette, a slice of quiche or whatever else you are talking with on the centre. And fold up the edges, sealing it with the velcro tab.

The adult/regular size will take up to half a baguette or four 10 x 10 cm sandwiches, and the kid’s size will take up to an 18cm baguette or two 10 x 10 cm sandwiches.

When you are ready to enjoy your lunch undo the velcro, unfold the fabric and you have a ready-made placemat and a clean eating surface wherever you go. Perfect for protecting your clothes is you are eating on your lap, and great for questionable picnic benches or picnics in the park.

When you’re done you can wrap up any leftovers or simply fold up the wrap and pop it back in your bag. No bulky lunch boxes to worry about carrying around for the rest of the day and more importantly no single-use plastic for the rubbish bin.

When you get home you can either just wipe the inside of the Boc N Roll and pop it back in the drawer to use again, or if it’s got particularly grubby or sticky throw it in the washing machine ready to use again.

Other benefits of a Boc N Roll wrap

Other benefits of a Boc N Roll wrap

Due to the fabrics chosen Boc N Roll wrap are also heat and cold resistant, meaning you can put them in the freezer, handy for leftovers or prepping up your lunches for the week, or you can take a nice hot bacon sandwich or pasty with you on your adventures.