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Getting to Know Tenderleaf Toys

Tender Leaf Toys

Getting to Know Tenderleaf Toys Tender leaf Toys produce amazing wooden toys that are beloved by both parents and children. These toys are designed to be fun and educational. Playing with these toys allows children to learn how to count, how to recognise colours and engage in fun pretend play alone or with friends. If your…

Who Are Plantoys The Story Behind the Brand

Plan Toys

Who Are Plantoys? The Story Behind the Brand If you are interested in wooden or sustainable toys, then no doubt you have heard about Plan Toys. For over 30 years plan toys have designed toys with the utmost respect for children & nature, it’s their thing. They specialise in making sure all of their toys have…

Discover the natural beauty of Ostheimer animals

Ostheimer Wooden Animals

Discover the natural beauty of Ostheimer animals There is something undeniably beautiful and truly unique about each and every Ostheimer animal. Handcrafted at every stage of their production Ostheimer animals retain the beauty of the responsibly sourced hardwood they are made from allowing children a tactile connection to this warm natural material. Ostheimer focus on giving the…


About Lyonsleaf – The republic of natural skincare Nestled in the Mendip hills, Lyonsleaf is a family-run company that small but perfectly formed range of natural beauty products. Their award-winning skincare is made with 100% natural ingredients, as many as possible of which they grow themselves on the farm, to guarantee they are of the highest quality…

Top 5 Bigjigs Educational Toys

Top 5 Bigjigs Educational Toys

Bigjigs Educational Design Due to their educational background (Bigjigs was founded by two teachers), learning through play is at the forefront of their design and they are one of the best educational toy specialists there are. Each one of the Bigjigs Educational Toys are purposefully designed to encourage skills and are very accurately graded by age guidelines….

Janni Bars

Janni Bars

What Are Janni Bars Janni Bars are the creation of Janni Sjostrand, a Swedish girl living in Ireland, who has developed a fantastic range of natural products that are made from all-natural ingredients, kind to the planet and cruelty free. The range includes cold processed soap bars for face, body and hair filled with rich nourishing…

List of Must Have Holztiger Toys

List of Must Have Holztiger Toys

Wooden animal toys like the ones produced by Holztiger are good for imaginative play. Imaginative play engages children’s imagination and creativity. Sparking your children’s imagination and creativity at an early age help children develop solid problem solving skills. Children face problems and challenges every day, whether it’s at school or at home. Having good problem solving skills…

The Most Effective Natural Deodorants

What Are the Most Effective Natural Deodorants?

The Most Effective Natural Deodorants If you are used to using an antiperspirant and are looking to find a more natural alternative then the likelihood is you’re on the hunt for the most effective natural deodorants that will keep you feeling dry and smelling fresh without the chemicals. It’s important to note that if you are new…

Plastic free toiletries for a more eco-friendly bathroom

Best Plastic-Free Toiletries

Plastic free toiletries for a more eco-friendly bathroom The beauty and personal care industry are responsible for a lot of plastic waste. Products you use for a few days, weeks or months come packaged in plastic that will be around for longer than you’re alive and much of it is hard if not impossible to…

How Does Rolleat Boc N Roll Work

How does Rolleat Boc N Roll work

Rolleat Boc N Roll food wraps Boc N Roll offers the perfect alternative to plastic wrap and sandwich bags for lunch boxes, picnic and eating on the go. These compact food wraps are machine washable and have an easy to use velcro closure making them adaptable to all different shapes and sizes. Boc N Roll wraps…